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Safety/Warranty/Product Information


At PERRY Luxe we believe safety should never be compromised. That is why we are supporting the American National Standards Institute/Window Covering Manufacturers Association (ANSI/WCMA) A100-2018 guidelines as they relate to custom window covering manufacturers. For details, please read our Product Safety Policies.

Our guarantee is that you’ll be happy.

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PERRY Luxe furniture products are under warranty against manufacturing defects for (1) year following the original invoice date.  We do not warrant against normal scratches from everyday wear.  PERRY Luxe furniture, when treated with care, will last a lifetime.



PERRY Luxe finishes are very durable and will last indefinitely when treated with the same respect and care as marble or wood.

Care: For regular maintenance, use furniture spray wax applied with a soft cloth.

Cleaning: Avoid using harsh detergents that could scratch the surface.  Be sure to wipe up spills before they dry, this will make clean-up easier.  For dried spills, place damp cloth over dried spill and let soften. Then gently wipe with a clean, soft cloth. If necessary use a mild detergent diluted with water.  Gentle pressure is critical to avoid scratching the finish.

Cautions: Precautions should be made to protect the surface from any direct contact with rough, sharp or damp objects.  Coasters, felt discs or saucers are highly recommended.

Concrete: For care of concrete surfaces, use caution in allowing water to dry directly on the concrete surface.  Prolonged exposure may result in water staining.


Due to the variations of PERRY Luxe handmade finishes, exact duplication is NOT possible.



Perry Luxe custom window treatments are under warranty for the life of the product. We guarantee our products to be free of fabrication and materials defects, provided that the product is properly installed and is owned by the original end user.

This warranty is limited to rework or replacements only and PERRY Luxe retains the right to determine how a fabrication defect will be corrected.  Replacements will be made to the original specifications only.

This warranty does not include conditions or damage resulting from normal wear and tear, sun damage, misuse or abuse, improper installation, reinstallation, or damage to fabrics caused by the use of cleaning solutions or applied chemicals.



For Roman Shades, draperies, valance and home accessories (pillows, duvet covers)

Care:  Window treatments may be dusted or lightly vacuumed with an upholstery attachment for regular maintenance.  Steam with a professional upholstery grade steam cleaner when heavy cleaning is necessary or consult a professional drapery cleaner in your area.

For Roller Shades and panel tracks

Care:  Roller Shade window treatments may be dusted with a brush in place or vacuumed periodically.  For solar screen fabrics (vinyl coated) you can use soapy water with a mild detergent and clean with a soft bristled brush.  Rinse thoroughly.