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Seating Collections

PERRY Luxe sculpted steel seating is made from hand-cut, hand-formed plate steel that is welded into chairs, loveseats and benches. Each piece is brought to life by artisans and fashioned into a perfect blend of function and design.

Click images below to see more styles in each collection.


  • Barcelona Bench featured image.
    Barcelona Bench
  • Cleo Bench featured image.
    Cleo Bench
  • Cylinder Bar Stool featured image.
    Cylinder Bar Stool
  • I Beam Bench featured image.
    I Beam Bench
  • Milo Bench featured image.
    Milo Bench
  • Spa Chair featured image.
    Spa Chair
  • Spa Loveseat featured image.
    Spa Loveseat
  • Yu Bench featured image.
    Yu Bench