Everything You Want to Know About PERRY Luxe Steel Rods

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PERRY Luxe has been manufacturing steel drapery rods since 1990. Our custom capabilities are limitless and we welcome your creative or challenging ideas. Because our entire steel drapery rod line is made by hand and welded together, you can custom design your rod or customize one of our existing designs. Whether wand, cord drawn or motorized, we can custom manufacture it for your needs.


Classic Ring Operation

Traditional classic ring operation is also available with many options like bypass C-Rings for one-way draw and welded on rings for custom side panel rods.

 French Pleat Drapery in COM

Traditional Classic Rings


Our standard traversing option has the track mounted on the back of the steel rod. Our recessed traversing rod option has a motorized track recessed into the steel rod. We’re one of the only companies to recess the track giving our recessed steel rods a more professional look. Standard traversing steel rods require a minimum inch and a half diameter and recessed traversing steel rods require a minimum two and a half inch diameter.

Standard traversing rod

recessed motorized track

Traversing Rods


Our innovative slot steel rod option offers an extremely clean look. There is no visible track as the carrier is enclosed inside the rod and the drapery is operated with a wand. Slot steel rods require a 2″ diameter rod or larger.

Slotted 2”D Rod with Custom Paint

Slot Rod


Most of our steel rods can have a double rod option and can be customized to fit your needs with either rings, traversing or both.

double rod custom

Double Rod


The majority of our steel rods can be curved for those challenging projects. We are a pioneering specialist in motorized curved steel rods.

patrick and marty with curved rod

Large Curved Steel Rod

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